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Heywood 500 and Morning Walk & Talk

Heywood 500 Program and Morning Walk & Talk: What is it?

The percentage of overweight youth has more than tripled in the past 25 years partially due to increased interest in sedentary activities such as television, computers, and video games. A reduction in physical activity as well as an increase in caloric intake has contributed to an obesity epidemic.

The Heywood 500 and Walk & Talk are programs developed to address activity levels of youth
and to help kids learn that running and walking can lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Program Rules and Prizes


  1. Students may walk, run or do any other locomotor activity during school recess and receive punches towards the Heywood 500 program on their index card (1 punch for every lap completed). After 25 punches the student must turn in their index card to the lap puncher and receive another index card to start on additional laps. Index cards must be handed out and collected during recess (every recess). Students do not keep their card.
  2. Heywood School volunteers are in charge of collecting and recording the number of laps.
  3. Heywood School volunteers will record which children are walking in the mornings for the Walk & Talk program and children will be given laps for each morning that they walk.
  4. Outside of school laps are encouraged but are not counted towards the Heywood 500 or the Walk & Talk programs. Only laps completed during school hours will count.


Weekly – Drawings for students both primary and intermediate for anyone who
turns in a completed index card that week. They will pick out a prize from the grab box.

250 laps – Students will receive a Heywood water bottle.

500 laps – Students will receive a certificate and a medal at the year end assembly.